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Multisensory Approaches to Letter Formation Practice

All of these activities use simple household materials. Kids will be excited to practice their letter formation while developing their fine motor skills. Older siblings can practice their high-frequency or spelling words too!

1. Fill a tray with sand, sugar or shaving cream so children can practice their letter formation with their finger or a paint brush. The sand provides sensory feedback.

2. Fill a large ziploc bag with inexpensive hair gel and food coloring (glitter is optional) and seal shut with tape so it doesn’t leak. Place bag on top of a flat surface.  Kids can use their finger or Q-tip to practice their letter formation. To begin with, you may want to put a piece of paper with the a large letter printed underneath the bag so they can trace over it.

3. Write letters on a large piece of paper. Children can use small beads or pebbles to trace over and form the letter. Remind them of correct starting places.

4. Use a new/clean paint brush and ‘paint’ letters with water on the concrete.

5. Make letters out of Play-Doh or clay.

6. Rainbow writing – trace letters in all the colours of the rainbow.