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5 Fun Apps to Practise Times Tables

Memorising times tables is a necessary mathematical skill. When maths facts become automatic, students can free up their brainpower to do higher order problem solving. There are many times tables apps out there, some of which can make practice fun and engaging. Here are some of our favourites… 

Motion Maths: Wings:  For those fans of Angry Birds comes an app that lets children have fun while practicing their times tables. This game also teaches multiplication concepts in addition to memorising the facts. 

Lumio Farm Factor: This app is meant for beginning learners. It shows how multiplication is repeated addition and illustrates the concept with groups of items. 

Sushi Monster: Super fun game that kids love! It has 7 multiplication levels so the game grows with your child’s ability. 

Times Tables by Rob Clarke: Learners can practise multiplication and division facts. This app includes great features like multiple levels of difficulty, timed quizzes, and the ability to compete against friends or family. 

Multiplication Games: This app allows students to practice automatic recall of multiplication facts. There are multiple levels and even a challenge mode!