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We understand that you’re a busy parent with many, many jobs to do and possibly other children to spend time with. Trying to teach your child by yourself can be a challenging and argumentative task! You want to enjoy the time you spend with your child, not spend it arguing about homework and the ‘the way you did things’ when modelling mathematics concepts.

We are conveniently located in Bondi Junction, easily accessible and surrounded by shops and cafes to ensure that you have plenty of options to get things done (or take time out) while your child is reinforcing their understanding of classroom concepts and outcomes.

Education is so important in the in the overall wellbeing and future success of your child. We aim to foster a love for lifelong learning in your child, while providing them with the best possible opportunities to support their formal education.

Your child’s learning programs will aim to build confidence in them as a learner, whilst also consolidating the literacy and numeracy concepts necessary for them to receive a successful education.


“Foundation years are critical for long term education success.”


Your child’s foundational years of school are so important in achieving long-term success in their education. If your child is in the early years of primary school, then our literacy and numeracy programs are specifically catered to their foundation years of schooling (kindergarten-Year 2).

Whether your child is in preschool or year 10, they will benefit from a consistent revision program and the opportunity to reinforce their learning from the classroom. Your child may need to ask questions and practice topics in a supportive and nurturing environment, free from distractions and influential peers!

Private tuition is available for all children from kindergarten through to year 10, in all subject areas. Your child will be supported and challenged in their learning and encouraged to achieve the best results that they can.

Your child will enhance their learning experiences through the consolidation of concepts from the classroom, whilst also be challenged and extended in their learning. Your child will benefit from a fun, dynamic revision program, individually catered for their specific learning abilities.


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