Why choose Hi IQ?

In short, it’s all about your child!

Your child will benefit from working towards achieving their own unique, personalised learning goals and consolidation opportunities. All our sessions are programmed by experienced school teachers and use the latest resources and technologies that are used in your child’s classrooms today. Plus they’ll receive the best education available, with ongoing assessment and reporting to ensure that they are growing as a learner. Your child will be stimulated by the contemporary learning environment that simulates a small classroom setting, offering a range of modern furniture and computer technologies.

Hi IQ’s tutors value professional development and are constantly training in new teaching strategies and learning programs that cater to your child’s diverse learning abilities and the philosophies of Sydney classrooms. Where possible, your child’s teacher will implement the use of similar teaching methods employed by their specific school, for example the use of the THRASS methodology.

Your child will be assessed using a series of standardised assessments and observational records. These results, along with any other information from your child’s school, additional assessments, reports, etc. will be used to develop personalised learning goals that are tailored to suit your individual child’s stage of learning. Whether you choose private tuition or a group class, all our programs are differentiated to suit your child’s learning stage and development.

Ongoing assessments and observations are maintained and all our lessons address specific outcomes identified in the Australian Curriculum. The opportunity for you to communicate with a teacher is paramount. Regular meetings are encouraged to discuss your child’s learning progress and personalised learning goals will be adjusted accordingly.

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