THRASS Teaching System


THRASS stands for Teaching, Handwriting, Reading And Spelling Skills 

THRASS is a system for teaching students about the letters, speech sounds and spelling choices of English.
Understanding the process of spelling and the orthography (spelling system) of English are vital to the success of your child’s reading, spelling and writing. These key concepts are explicitly taught and reinforced at HiIQ using the THRASS teaching system as a pedagogical approach to teaching.
Students that understand the principles of how words originated (etymology), how words are formed and their relationship to other words (morphology) and the spelling system (orthography) will have a broader vocabulary and greater understanding of the meaning of words. Which, of course, results in their increased comprehension and detailed writing skill.
Having the knowledge acquired through THRASS teaching system will ensure your child develops skills in reading, spelling, writing and reading comprehension, allowing them to reach their full potential in literacy learning.
If you’d like to give your child the best start for their future education, we’d love the opportunity to discuss our THRASS teaching methodologies further. You can get in touch with us through the form below or you can call us on 0421 711 622.

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