School Readiness

Summer Intensive School Readiness Program. Unlimited weekly sessions for only $150

Your child deserves the best start and opportunity for school success. The first year of ‘big school’ can be a challenging transition for you as a parent and your child as a new student. Our School Readiness program will develop your child’s confidence and knowledge of the basic concepts necessary to start kindergarten feeling ‘school ready’. The school readiness program focuses on the foundational literacy and numeracy skills that are identified in the Australian Curriculum that will be taught in your child’s first year of formal schooling. Your child will be supported on their learning journey and exposed to the key learning concepts that will be addressed in kindergarten. These include:

  • Letter recognition and sound/phoneme articulation using a range of programs, including THRASS
  • Correct letter and number formation
  • Fine motor development
  • Reading and comprehension skills
  • Counting and number recognition
  • Place value skills and mathematical concepts
  • Oral language skills and group interaction
  • Creative activities

Bookings are now open for our SUMMER INTENSIVE! 3rd December to 31st January. Daily, 9:30-11am. $150 p/week UNLIMITED CLASSES

Why your child will benefit from our program:

  • Individualised program
  • 90 minutes in duration to ensure adequate time to cover English and Maths
  • Specialised teachers
  • Explicit teaching
  • Exactly like kindergarten
  • Weekly feedback provided
  • Small class sizes

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3rd December to 31st January. Daily, 9:30-11am. $150 p/week UNLIMITED CLASSES

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