Maths Mice

Is your child is in kindergarten, year one or year two? Then they will love the Maths Mice program!

Your child, like all children, may find mathematical concepts difficult to retain. Or perhaps they aren’t being challenged enough in the classroom.

Your child will receive a program that supports their development and understanding of numeracy, using the latest resources and materials used in their classroom today. This program offers a way of reinforcing mathematical concepts that are taught in your child’s classroom and is based on the outcomes of the Australian Curriculum.

Your child will never need to worry about asking a question or missing a concept again. By enrolling your child into a Maths Mice program you are guaranteed a revision program that consolidates their understanding of mathematical concepts, while also extending your child in their mathematical reasoning and development.

Your child will be assessed using a range of observational and standardised assessments, ensuring that every lesson is challenging and meets their specific learning needs.

This is a great opportunity for your child to work with peers in a safe and supportive learning environment that nurtures and encourages growth in their development in numeracy.

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