High school tutoring

Is your child in Year 7 to Year 12?

Your child will benefit from the opportunity to revise and consolidate what they have done in their high school classroom!

Research has proven that a consistent revision program is the best way to achieve top results in the HSC years of schooling.

Developing the skills necessary to study, revise and complete exams within a given time frame must commence as soon as a child enters high school to ensure these skills are developed and nurtured all the way through to Year 12 and beyond!

Your child will benefit from high school tutoring, ensuring he/she has an opportunity to ask questions, consolidate understandings and avoid being ‘left behind’ the fast paced classroom environment. All sessions are individually tailored to suit the specific goals and learning objectives of your child.

High School Tutoring is available in the following subject areas:

Private English Tutoring

Whether it is text type writing and essays, comprehension or short answer responses, our team of experienced tutors will assist your child in developing the skills necessary to answer all high school English questions.

There is a large range of different novels, modalities and themes being studied throughout high schools today. This makes it difficult to revise using traditional textbooks and generic exam style questions.

Your child needs to have a thorough understanding of how to identify thematic materials and provide supporting evidence to correctly answer short answer and longer response style questions.

Our specialised English tutors will ensure your child gets the support they need and the opportunity to practice a variety of questions related to their specific texts and Year level requirements.

Private Maths Tutoring

Having a mathematics tutor will guarantee that your child gets their questions heard! Missing small details in class can be detrimental in mathematics as it prevents the opportunity to move forwards and access more challenging, problem solving style questions.

Your child will benefit from revising and practicing a variety of different styles of maths questions, individually tailored to suit their level and ability.

Maths is not just about subject knowledge, it’s about application! The more your child can reinforce their knowledge and apply this to different styles of questions, the greater chance they will have of achieving top results in exam questions.

Our experienced maths tutors offer private tutoring for all strands and levels of high school mathematics. Challenging all students to achieve their best and extend themselves in all aspects of mathematical reasoning and problem solving.

Exam Preparation and Study Skills

As exam time approaches, our team of dedicated tutors will offer small group classes to support our high school students with exam preparation and study skills.

These sessions will allow your child to practise past paper exams, bring along their own study materials or utilise our resource library to revise and consolidate their subject knowledge.

Being able to ask questions and solve problems straight away will assist in developing confidence and reducing stress levels during these challenging school years.

Private Tutoring in other subject areas can be arranged upon request. If your child is seeking a tutor in another area of their learning, please get in touch and we will discuss tutoring options available.

We are here to answer the questions you have about our services. We have a form below that you can fill-in and we will make sure that we will get in touch ASAP.