Madeline Mitchell

Madeline Mitchell is the founder of Hi iQ. She is an experienced primary school teacher who completed her Bachelor of Education in 2008. Madeline has taught all levels of primary school in a number of Sydney schools and has always loved tutoring children outside of the classroom.

Since opening Hi iQ, Madeline has become the NSW teacher- trainer for THRASS.  She works closely with other teachers and schools, facilitating professional development courses. Madeline is passionate about consolidating early learning concepts in literacy and numeracy for children of all ages and ensuring that foundational concepts are taught correctly from the very beginning. Madeline aims to assist parents in supporting children on their educational journey outside of the classroom.

Bryony Denney

Bryony completed her Bachelor of Education in Manchester in the UK where she specialised in secondary school mathematics. In Australia she has received accreditation through the NSW board of studies, where she is constantly reflecting the Australian curriculum and making necessary links to everyday life. Bryony is motivated and passionate about implementing quality teaching in a nurturing and positive learning environment, in order to build confidence and knowledge in children of all ages. She likes to provide innovative ways of teaching subjects to make learning fun and engaging.

Hi IQ’s wider teaching team

There are over 20 experienced, dedicated and passionate educators offering a range of classroom and tutoring experience. All staff undergo a rigorous interview process and hold a current Working With Children Check.

All teachers work with the management team in programming and ensuring each and every lesson is personalised for every student’s learning needs. Lesson content and student progress is monitored closely and adapted regularly to suit the changing learning needs of our students.

Ensuring your child receives the best outcome from every session is our ultimate goal. The pairing of students and teachers is well thought out and carefully monitored throughout the term.

We would be happy to discuss teacher availability with you and ensure the perfect match for your child. We have a form below that you can fill-in and we will make sure that we will get in touch ASAP.

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