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Holiday Entertainment Ideas

Keeping the children entertained is always a challenging task. Here are some great entertainment ideas that will keep the kids busy and the brains ticking.

  • Keep a holiday journal so that the kids are writing everyday
  • Write and illustrate your own book, or use an iPad to take pictures and make an ebook.
  • Use appropriate literacy and numeracy based apps on the iPads
  • Conduct a science experiment- there are some great websites with child friendly experiments e.g. erupting volcanoes, floating and sinking, electricity experiments etc. The CSIRO website is fantastic! http://www.csiro.au/
  • Cook something simple and write the procedure.
  • Plan a day out using a budget and timetable. They can investigate entry costs, transport costs, opening and closing times, other expenses and information
  • Get creative! Follow instructions to build something out of Lego, Play-Doh, paper mache, sock puppets, paper planes etc.
  • Get the children involved! Take them shopping and compare the prices of groceries in the supermarket
  • Design and Make! Give your child a challenging task or problem that needs solving e.g. ‘Design a weatherproof home for a favourite toy’ or build a bridge that needs to hold 2 kilograms’
  • Build a free website or blog! There are some great website-building sites out there for the kids who love technology
  • Go to the library or bookstore and get a great holiday read! Your child can write their own ending for the story, draw or paint a scene from the book or write a character profile
  • Build a collage using bits and pieces found outdoors. Use the book ‘Window’ written by Jeannie Baker as a stimulus!
  • Print some old photos and make a colourful and creative scrapbook
  • Create a stop motion film using a series of photos and an iPad
  • Write a review for a movie that was watched during the holidays
  • Get outdoors and keep active!!
  • HAVE FUN!!!

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