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Hi iQ Tutoring Bondi Turns One

Hi iQ Turns One

Hi iQ Tutoring Centre Bondi Turns One

This time exactly one year ago we opened the doors to our beautiful tutoring centre in Bondi Junction, confident that this was the beginning of a very inspiring educational centre. During our first week in operation we had one teacher on staff who saw 6 children come through the door! Each of those six children are still coming today! Not because they ‘need’ to, but because they want to!  Our students and parents have found the educational experiences here at Hi iQ to be beneficial academically, whilst also building confidence and having fun!

We are so thrilled to say that exactly one year on we  have 75 children coming for tutoring with one of  our 7 qualified and experienced classroom teachers! We offer private tuition, group classes, holiday programs and school readiness programs to children of all ages and abilities. Everyone is welcome!!

We are so excited about the next year of growth and the commitment we make to offering elite educational tutoring to children of all ages. Our tutors will continue to support the growth of their students through ongoing assessment, reporting and programming lessons to the suit the needs of each individual child in accordance with the national curriculum.

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