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  • About Your Child’s Program
    We understand that you are a busy parent with jobs to do and possibly other children to spend time with. Trying to teach your child by yourself can be a challenging and argumentative task! You want to enjoy your time spent with your child, not spend it arguing about homework and the ‘old way of doing things’ when modelling mathematics concepts.

    We are conveniently located in Bondi Junction, easily accessible and surrounded by shops and cafes to ensure that you have plenty of options to keep yourself busy while your child is reinforcing their understanding of classroom concepts and outcomes.

    Education is so important in the in the overall wellbeing and future success of your child. We aim to foster a love for lifelong learning in your child, while providing them with the best possible opportunities to support their formal education.

    Your child’s learning programs will aim to build confidence in them as a learner, whilst also consolidating the literacy and numeracy concepts necessary for them to receive a successful education.

    Your child’s foundational years of school are so important in achieving long-term success in their education. If your child is in the early years of primary school, then our literacy and numeracy programs are specifically catered to their foundation years of schooling (Kindergarten- Year 2). See Book Worms and Maths Mice for more information about these programs

    If your child is in preschool or Year Ten, they will benefit from a consistent revision program and the opportunity to reinforce their learning from the classroom. Your child may need to ask questions and practice topics in a supportive and nurturing environment, free from distractions and influential peers!

    Private tuition is available for all children from Kindergarten through to Year 10, in all subject areas. Your child will be supported and challenged in their learning and encouraged to achieve the best results that they can.

Why You Would Choose Us

You child will benefit from working towards achieving their own unique, personalised learning goals and consolidation opportunities. All our sessions are programmed by experienced school teachers and use the latest resources and technologies that are used in your child’s classrooms today.

Your child will receive the best education available, with ongoing assessment and reporting to ensure that they are growing as a learner. Your child will be stimulated by the contemporary learning environment that simulates a small classroom setting, offering a range of modern furniture and computer technologies.

Our tutors value Professional Development and are constantly training in new teaching strategies and learning programs that cater for your child’s diverse learning abilities and the philosophies of Sydney classrooms. Where possible, your child’s teacher will implement the use of similar teaching methods employed by their specific school, for example the use of the THRASS program and Spalding method when teaching phonetics.

Your child will be assessed using a series of standardised assessments and observational records. These results, along with any other information from your child’s school, additional assessments, reports, etc. will be used to develop personalised learning goals that are tailored to suit your individual child’s stage of learning.

Whether you choose private tuition or a group class, all our programs are differentiated to suit your child’s learning stage and development.

Ongoing assessments and observations are maintained and all our lessons address specific outcomes identified in the Australian Curriculum.

The opportunity for you to communicate with a teacher is paramount. Regular meetings are encouraged to discuss your child’s learning progress and personalised learning goals need to be adjusted accordingly.

Your Child’s Learning Programs

Your child will benefit from the opportunity to enhance and challenge their learning experiences through the consolidation of concepts both from and beyond the classroom. All our programs use a range of modern resources and are catered to the specific needs of your child.
We can offer your child a position in the following programs:

Meet Your Teachers


Madeline Mitchell


Madeline Mitchell is the founder of Hi iQ. She is an experienced primary school teacher who completed her Bachelor of Education in 2008. Madeline has taught all levels of primary school in a number of Sydney schools and has always loved tutoring children outside of the classroom.

Since opening Hi iQ, Madeline has become the NSW teacher- trainer for THRASS.  She works closely with other teachers and schools, facilitating professional development courses. Madeline is passionate about consolidating early learning concepts in literacy and numeracy for children of all ages and ensuring that foundational concepts are taught correctly from the very beginning. Madeline aims to assist parents in supporting children on their educational journey outside of the classroom.


Bryony Denney

Centre Manager

Bryony completed her Bachelor of Education in Manchester in the UK where she specialised in secondary school mathematics. In Australia she has received accreditation through the NSW board of studies, where she is constantly reflecting the Australian curriculum and making necessary links to everyday life. Bryony is motivated and passionate about implementing quality teaching in a nurturing and positive learning environment, in order to build confidence and knowledge in children of all ages. She likes to provide innovative ways of teaching subjects to make learning fun and engaging.




Our team of teachers!

There are over 20 experienced, dedicated and passionate educators offering a range of classroom and tutoring experience. All staff undergo a rigorous interview process and hold a current Working With Children Check.
All teachers work with the management team in programming and ensuring each and every lesson is personalised for every student’s learning needs. Lesson content and student progress is monitored closely and adapted regularly to suit the changing learning needs of our students.
 Ensuring your child receives the best outcome from every session is our ultimate goal. The pairing of students and teachers is well throughout and carefully monitored throughout the term.
We would be happy to discuss teacher availability with you and ensure the perfect match for your child.